Product : German Creatine

Size : 300 Grams

Price : $ 14.79

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

Best Place To Buy :

Servings : 60 servings per container



This supplement is for more muscle strength, quicker growth, and faster recovery, from

you workouts. It is designed to help you muscles to grow, and enhances you workouts.

You will experience less fatigue, and this will improve you performance. Simply mix five

ounces with water twice daily.



This product is of the highest purity level of creatine in the word. Creatine will increase you

energy levels, and also hydrates muscle cells with water. Occasionally some weight gains are

experience cause of you muscles retaining more water. This product can be mixed with

juice for you personal taste.






To increase muscle mass you body must have increased amounts of protein. I recommend

Gold Standard Whey Protein Supplement, it can be purchased in twenty different flavors. To

build larger muscle mass you must increase you daily protein intake. You mix three grams or

one scoop of protein powder, to eight ounces of water.



Great idea to drink one of these shakes from thirty minutes to an hour after you workout. You

can also drink these between meals for a snack. You should take this product on top of eating

a healthy high protein diet. This powder comes in four different sizes, one pound, two pound,

five or ten pounds. Five pounds will cost around fifty-six dollars, that figures out to only seventy

cents an ounce. Affiliate Link ;





You can buy apple cider vinegar in capsules, if you don,t like the taste of apple cider vinegar.

This product helps both you digestive and immune health. It also can give you relief from

heartburn, and even dry skin. Apple Cider Vinegar cleanses you intestines and you liver.

One can take only one five hundred milligram capsule a day.



This product can help you to lose weight, lower you blood sugar, and improves you digestive

system. You can purchase a bottle for around fifteen dollars, the bottle contains sixty capsules.

It has no chemicals, artificial ingredients, or sugar. Affiliate Link :







Nitric Acid is an amino acid, it converts into nitrix oxide, and it helps to improve you circulation.

It’s used as a sports’ nutrition supplement, it improves you blood flow, this then generates more

oxygen. It helps you muscles, brain, heart, you lungs and other organs. Increasing you blood

flow will help to improve you muscle gains.



You will also experience more energy for an improved workout. This also comes with sixty capsules

a bottle. If you want more energy for maximizing you workout then you must try this product. I

personally have taken this product i recommend trying this for a couple of months minimum you,ll

be glad with the results. These products price is around twenty dollars a bottle. Affiliate Link ;




supplements most commonly

used by body builders



Creatine is the most popular supplement, it enhances muscle mass, and gives you improved

energy. Creatine was designed to help you muscles to hold water. Creatine also will boost

you testosterone, which can improve you sex drive. Some men have experienced adding

five to ten pounds of muscle within a few weeks time.



Whey Protein Supplement will improve you muscle mass, and also you strength. This substance

is widely used among athletes, and body builders, as well as fitness models. This supplement is

great for anyone wants to improve their performance, and have better workouts. Whey protein

is usually very safe but can, t be used if you lactose intolerant.



This supplement contains amino acids, it can help you to gain muscle, strength, and can help you

to lose body fat. It can reduce blood pressure, and can help reduce inflammation. Gold Whey

Standard protein powders is great for gym workouts.



Anyone that takes protein powder are very likely to lose weight when its taken regularly. Whey

protein contains all nine amino acids that our bodies require. The average man needs fifty

six grams of protein a day, and women fourteen six grams daily.






Consuming carbs after you workouts replenishes you muscles. You should drink some form

of recovery dink after each workout. They give you body carbohydrates, electrolytes, fluid,

and protein. You must re hydrate after exercising replacing the fluids that you lost during

you workout.



Protein is very necessary to repair and help you muscles to grow. A protein shake is great

for replenishing you fluids when you workout is complete. Always make sure that you drink

plenty of water also to keep from getting de hydrated.





This is a multi vitamin supplement it, s a combination of both vitamins and minerals. This

type of vitamin is used to prevent any vitamin deficiency, due to having a poor diet. Vitamins

are essential to keep our bodies in good health. Centrium is one of my personal favorites

it, s recommend highly by many personal physicians.



A multi vitamin should have seven ingredients : Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Folate,

and also Vitamin B- 12. You should take this type of vitamin in the morning. One of these

vitamins daily is plenty providing that they contain all seven that are needed.






Very few people consume enough omega 3 fatty acids. If you don,t eat fish at least three

times a week, then you probably not getting enough. Consuming omega 3 can reduce

the chances of getting Alzheimer disease by seventy-five percent. This helps prevent

several types of cancer, prostate, and breast cancer are two.



Getting five grams daily of omega 3 reduces inflammation, this can relieve sore muscles,

and joints. There is a liquid form of omega 3 supplements. It’s a lot easier to take it this way.

You would have to take several capsules, to receive the five gram dosage that our body







Fiber is very important for our regular diets. Unless you average five servings of

vegetables, and fruits, then you probably not getting enough fiber. There are two

types of fiber soulbe, and insoluble. A good source of insoluble fiber is wheat bran.



A good source of insoluble fiber is unprocessed wheat bran. Another type of soulbe

fiber is oatmeal. We need both forms on a daily basis. Women should have around

twenty five grams of fiber a day, men should have thirty-eight grams daily.






There are many brands and type of supplements available. If we have a healthy

balanced diet, then many supplements would, nt be necessary. But we must be

truthful many of us don,t always eat a balanced nutritional diet. So many times

taking supplements can give our bodies what were not receiving from our diet.



If you a serious body builder then taking supplements is necessary for achieving

the maximum results. Most people should at least take one multi – vitamin daily.

Amazon has a very good selection of vitamins as well as supplements. For any

body builders to achieve the ultimate physique takes time, effort, and the right

nutrition for the best results.


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