Product : Blend Tec Professional Blender

Price ; $ 799.95

Rating : 4 out of 5

Warranty : 2 Years with extended plans available

Best Buy :,prmr:3,tpim:CM7eu9XUteDPjwEQ5Jah8ont35IGGLCJuf0CIgNVU0QogIi68AUw3toD,pdprs:5&utm_medium=tu_cu&utm_content=eid-lsjeuxoeqt&utm_campaign=60766&gclid=CjwKCAiA9JbwBRAAEiwAnWa4Q8TDRQanIo5Hmw857FJZxsI9OHg_bc1PpTc_nANxqI9PlFVuiRsL0BoC6OsQAvD_BwE




This blender is built to professional standards. The blades are eighty percent thicker

and ten times stronger than other blender blades. It has one touch timed and pre–

programmed cycles for : Shakes, Soups, Crushed Ice, Ice Cream Maker, Mixer and

is self-cleaning. There are six pres- programmed blend cycles for most recipes. The

Blender has a three point eight horsepower motor.



There are eleven different speeds to chose from. It has one touch interface for easy

cleaning and quick blending. It has an LCD count down timer for consistent results

each time it, s used. an impact with an impact resistant jar, it has a ninety ounce jar,

with a thirty-six ounce blending capacity ( wet or dry ). This blender has a sound

enclosure it makes blending quite even in high volume. Affiliate link : Blend Tec Proffesional Blender






Juicing regularly can reduce your risk of cancer, it removes toxins from your body,

and will boost your immune system. Juicing can also help most people to lose weight.

When, you juice your extracting the juices from fruits and vegetables. You receive

most of the vitamins found in the whole fruit.



Juicing can be a great alternative for anyone that suffers with stomach issues. Juice

is digested much easier and faster than whole foods. Juicing contains more nutrients

than blending your food.





There are many fruits that can help reduce belly fat. Avocados are very nutritious, their

high in potassium, high in fiber, when consumed regularly it can help lower your

cholesterol. Bananas have high fiber content, they help your heart health, digestion, and

improves your blood pressure. Yogurt is also great for your digestion, and protects

against osteoporosis.



Yogurt can also be used as a facial mask it can reduce lines, and wrinkles that

happen with age. To do the facial apply for thirty minutes at time three days a week.

Yogurt can also prevent and relieve urinary tract infections.



Juicing berries are very low in calories, but very high in nutrients. They can protect

against aging, cancer, and lower your cholesterol. Berries are some of the healthiest

foods on earth. Juicing is loaded with fiber, low in calories, it’s a great drink for losing




Consuming green tea is also great for weight loss it increases the fat burning process,

and improves your physical performance. Consuming vitamin C like oranges, or red

peppers can help you to burn as much as thirty percent more fat during exercise.

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There are many great juices that are great for your skin. Here are just a few to try:

carrot juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice and apple juice. Many fruits can be juiced

with the skin on and you don, t have to remove the seeds. Pineapples need the skin

removed before being juiced.



Most citrus fruit is usually peeled before juicing. Juicing apples, celery, and kale leaves

is a good drink for healthy glowing skin. Be sure to de stem the kale leaves, and core

the apples before juicing.






Vegetables should be a key ingredient to consume when you’re juicing. They have little

or no sugar, offer many nutrients. They will improve your energy levels, and help to keep

you healthy. Its wise to chose vegetables that taste good, and have the most nutrients.

You can juice almost all vegetables, the ones that have high water content should be

mixed with other vegetables. Examples: cucumbers, spinach, or kale, these all have

a high water content.



Carrots have many nutrients, they can help to prevent heart disease, lower your blood

pressure, and improve your immune system. They also help you have healthy skin,

and help your eye health. Broccoli helps prevent certain cancers, lowers your cholesterol,

and it strengthens your bones.



You may want to try mixing some vegetables with fruit, for an added flavor. Apples, berries,

and pears all mix together with vegetables very well. The sweet potato can also be used

to mix with other vegetables. Sweet potatoes are high in iron and magnesium. Cabbage,

celery, and kale all are mostly water and should be mixed with other vegetables.



Spinach is a perfect example of a vegetable that many do,nt, t care for how it tastes. It can

be mixed with other fruits to improve the flavor of the drink.






Juicing is not a substitute for whole fruits and vegetables. It is very necessary that your

body consumes healthy foods. Juicing can be a great way to get the vitamins and nutrients

that might be lacking from our daily diets. Juicing is much quicker and easy for your body

to absorb the nutrients that it needs.





Our bodies need many vitamins and nutrients daily sometimes it, s hard to consume all of

them. Juicing is a quick way to supply your bodies with a nutritious healthy diet. Don, t rely

on juicing as a substitute for eating, our bodies still need fiber, that whole foods supply.

When, you’re juicing it does, nt contain fat, or protein, which we must get every day.







Inflammation is caused by stress for a period of months, or by the body being over

loaded with toxins. This can easily happen when your not eating a balanced

nutritious diet. Juicing is a great healthy snack replacement instead of eating junk

foods. Juicing with fresh fruits and vegetables, will detox your body, and will

cause weight loss.



Many foods like processed or fast foods, are high in sugar and fat. Juicing can

lower your blood sugar, when your not snacking on junk food. Fruits and vegetables

have a lot of antioxidants and vitamins, that heal your skin. This can also prevent

wrinkles, and pres- mature aging.



Your diet plays a huge role in your energy and health. The nutrition that you get from

juicing can help your body from getting fatigued easily. Bad eating habits can affect

our sleeping patterns. Regular food takes much longer for our bodies to digest, than

foods that are juiced. Juicing a help you to go to sleep faster, and to rest much







Juicing has many great health benefits. Its quick and covenant, our bodies digest

it much faster than food. Juicing is a great alternative for a healthy snack instead

of choosing junk food, which has little nutritional value. Our bodies still need fiber

we can, t have a healthy diet by juicing alone.



Our society is very busy today many times we want make the effort to prepare healthy

meals. You can juice anytime for a snack, or a missed meal, or even to start off our

busy days. There is a huge selection of blenders, with varying price ranges. But there

are very few that can blend and juice anything. Remember this model has a three point

eight horse power motor, so it, s built to last.


  1. I don’t have this exact model, but I can vouch for Blendtec! I had an issue after years of owning one, and they sent me a replacement. Great product and great customer service!

    1. It has the best warranty that i have found. Sure it,s a little expensive but worth every penny.
      Thank you for sharing your encouraging words about this product.


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