Calisthenics is a form of exercise that consist mostly of body weight exercises. These

type of exercises will condition your body, and help you to live a much healthier life. Unless

you chose to incorporate weight training you want develop huge muscle mass. Both

push – ups, and pull – ups are two great exercises that will help to develop muscle mass.



You should, nt do calisthenics daily it can cause both tendon and joint issues, when done

on daily. If your a beginner I would suggest starting your routine three times a week,

alternating every other day. Calisthenic exercises will help build strength, endurance,

and flexibility. This type of exercise does, nt require any type of special equipment.



When, you perform calisthenics you, ll be using your own body weight, and doing

resistances exercises. Doing calisthenics can get your muscles toned and ripped.

But if your goal is to develop larger muscles, then you should also do weight

training within your workouts.



Doing high intensity training workouts are great for burning fat, and building extra

muscles. Doing calisthenics can strengthen your joints. To accomplish this you, ll

need to chose exercises, that you can perform at high repetitions around thirty

for each.





The burpee, or squat thrust is a body weight exercise that is used in strength training.

You start this exercise in a standing position, then put your hands on the ground, while

your body is in a squat position. Now place your feet backwards until your in the plank

position, while keeping your arms extended. Then return your feet into the squat position,

then stand back up, and repeat the process.

Jumping jacks



Jumping jacks is a great exercise for burning calories, and it will strengthen your body.

You start this exercise in a standing position with you feet together and your arms by

your side. Then inhale and jump in the air while kicking your legs out wide. When, your

doing this you should raise your arms over your head, clap your hands together.



Then jump again bringing your hands and feet back together. To burn the most calories

do this exercise at a fast pace doing at least thirty repetitions.






This exercise will work your core, and the muscles in your upper back. Start this exercise with

your feet apart. Then place your hands behind your head, with your elbows pointing outward.

Now squat down with your body leaning slightly forward, keeping your back straight.


Now jump in the air and straighten up with your hands still behind your head. Repeat this

exercise at least fifteen to twenty repetitions. When, you perform all of these exercise you

should gradually increase the amount of repetitions. I would suggest raising them by five

every three to four weeks.






You start this exercise standing with your feet apart. Move your right foot forward while bending

the left knee downward towards the floor. Then return to your original standing position and do

the same procedure with your left leg. All the forward and then back counts as one repetition.

Repeat this process with each leg twenty times for each leg. This exercise will make your legs

very sore real easy, so I would start out slower if I were just beginning this exercise program.






Lay down flat on the floor or mat, with your body straight. Now put both hands behind your head,

with your elbows facing outwards. Pull your head forward, then lift your left leg towards your chest

touching the knee with the left elbow. Then do the same process with the left leg, and right elbow.

All the up and back to a straightened position is one repetition for that leg. Repeat this exercise

fifteen to twenty repetitions, for each leg.







This exercise was designed for strengthening your lower back, and shoulders. Get in the plank

position, with your back straight. Bring the right arm out and upward, then lift the left leg up as

high as possible. Then repeat this with your left arm and right leg. All the way up and down is

one repetition. You should do fifteen to twenty reps for each side.






This particular exercise is for strengthening your core, arms, and shoulders. Get in the plank

position, with your back straight. Now straighten one arm out and upward, then bring it back to

the floor. Going all the way forward and then back is one repetition. Repeat this process with

your other arm. Do this fifteen to twenty times for each arm.








This exercise can be performed on a chair, or workout bench. From a siting position move

forward , place your hands on the edge of your seat. The top of your hands should be facing

upward. Then with your legs straight in front of you, lower tour body down towards the floor.

Do this until your elbows are in a ninety degree angle.



Then raise your body back up to the starting position, then repeat the exercise. Do twenty or

so repetitions, this exercise is difficult for many beginners. If your just starting you can lower the

number of repetitions to ten or fifteen.






This exercise will work your upper, and lower back, as well as the abs. Start this exercise laying

face down on your stomach. Then stretch your arms out and upward, while doing the same lifting

of your legs at the same time. While raising them up arch your back, then lower them both and

repeat the process. Try doing ten to twenty repetitions for one complete set.






This exercise is for your stomach, lower abs, and the buttocks. You start off laying on your back

on the floor. Bend your left leg up until your foot is flat on the floor. Now raise your bottom off of

the floor, then lift the right leg up until its in a straight position. Then do the same procedure with

your right leg. All the way up and down is one repetition. Do this for fifteen to twenty times for each







This is an advanced ab working exercise, it can be very difficult if your just starting a exercise

program. Start laying on the floor with your arms beside you with your palms flat on the floor.

Now raise your whole body off of the floor, with your legs straight, push your body completely

off the floor. Your hand will be under your lower back, this will help to balance your body.

I would start with ten to fifteen repetitions. Do, nt get discouraged if you can, t do this exercise

you may want to wait, until your more experienced. This particular exercise may be difficult

for many that are very experienced at exercising.






If you chose to weight train and do calisthenics it may be a good idea to save the calisthenics

for last. Some people use some calisthenic exercises for their warm up. Stretching your muscles

before an intense workout can help to prevent serious injuries.



For the best results workout three to five days a week. It would be wise for any beginners to limit

their workout to thirty minute sessions three times a week. Weight training especially can make

you very sore. No one wants an injury when first starting a new program, many could stop you

for exercising for months.






Calisthenics originated in ancient Greece estimated around one thousand years B. C. THIS

form of exercise was used for training soldiers for combat. Monks have been training using

this this type of body weight training for centuries. There are many fitness  training programs

that use body weight training.






You can use calisthenic exercises almost anywhere. At home, office, park, or even your hotel

room. Calisthenics can help you to lose weight, gain strength, endurance, and improve your

health. It also improves your coordination, and can tone your muscles. This type of exercising

puts less strain on your muscles and joints.



When, beginning a new exercise program do twenty to thirty minute workouts. As you gain more

strength and endurance, you can increase your time limit, as well as how many exercises you

preform. You can find many new pre – planed  workouts on the internet, for both new and

experienced routines. This is a great option to start exercising in the comfort of your own


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