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Engineered for comfort and strength, easy to assemble, and to change the tension strength.

It’s made with premium quality materials for maximum durability. Can be used for many different

exercises, targeting all muscles. This product has five resistance tubes, each one has twenty

pounds of resistance.



When, you are using all five, you have one hundred pounds of resistance. The handles are

made of soft rubber, to protect you hands, and to prevent slipping while you exercise. It,s

very lightweight, so it can be use practically anywhere. It will strengthen your arms, legs,

shoulders, and back.



These workout bands will give you a great workout, for many different levels of strength. This

product can build you arms, chest, and shoulders dramatically. The earlier models of this

equipment had springs instead of resistant bands. The spring version works well also but

they can occasionally pinch you skin. This band type version is a much better choice.

Chest Expander





Resistance tubes are ideal for anyone wants to start an exercise program at home. And this

can also be used while traveling, in the comfort of you hotel room. This type of exercising

is portable, durable. And they are being used by many physical therapist for re- rehabilitation.



Using resistance bands are great for strength training, and they can build muscle mass. They

are very affordable , and can work out large muscles, as well as smaller stabilizing muscles.

Resistance training should be done two to three times a week for the best results. Start out

with thirty minute workouts, and increase you time limit gradually each month.



I would suggest when starting a new program, don, t workout more than three times a week.

This gives our muscles time to rest and recooporate between our workouts. Resistance bands

are great for increasing you overall strength. If you goal is to lose weight then incorporate

strength training into you workout program.





Chest expander exercises can work out, arms, shoulders, traps, deltoids, and you upper

back muscles. This piece of equipment consist of two handles connected by either

springs, or resistance tubes. Many people don, t realize resistant bicep curls will also

work you abs, triceps, and shoulders.



There are many different exercises that can be performed using resistant tubes. These

flexible and durable resistant bands produce twenty pounds of resistance for each band.

So using all five this gives you a hundred pounds of resistance.



Expander bans or cables get harder to pull the further you stretch them out. They also

keep a steady resistance on you muscles throughout you exercises. This type of

exercise is used in martial arts, for strength training you muscles.



The pulling motion that you will be performing, will help you body to develop stability,

and it improves you balance. Using a chest expander is a great way to get you body

in shape, and also develop muscle mass. affiliate link : http://Chest expander






( Pull out in Front )



While in a standing position hold the expander with you arms straight out in front of

you body. With you palms facing inward, now pull outward with both arms, until you

arms are straight with you body. Then bring you arms back to the starting position ,

then repeat the process. If you a beginner I would suggest doing ten to fifteen repetitions,

doing two sets. This exercise will build the chest, and shoulders.



( Archers Movement )



Start this exercise standing : Hold you left arm out straight beside you body, keep you

palms facing inward. Now pull with the right arm, until it, s out straight, then bring that arm

back to the starting position. All the way out and then back is one repetition. Do two sets

of ten to fifteen reps if you a beginner. This exercise will strengthen, and build you




( Triceps Curl )



Start standing with the expander behind you back. Now hold you left hand down

straight below the hip, with the palm of you hand facing outward. Now you right

arm goes behind you head, with the palm facing down. Then raise the right arm up

straight over you head, then lower it down until the tension has been released.

You should do two sets of ten to fifteen. This exercise is for you triceps.



( pull down from overhead )



Raise you hands above you head with you palms facing inward. Now pull you arms in a

downward motion. Then bring you arms in until the tension is released from the bands.

All the way out and then back is a repetition. Do two sets of ten to fifteen repetitions. This

exercise is for you back and shoulder muscles. Affiliate link : Link to Chest Expander



( Forward Raises )



You will preform this exercise also while in the standing position. Put you left foot inside

the handle of the expander. Now grab the other end of the expander, with you palm facing

down. Then raise the right arm up towards the ceiling, all the way up and then down is oe

repetition. Do this exercise with both arms first the left and then the right. Do two sets of

fifteen to twenty. This exercise is for the upper shoulders.



( Side Bends )



Start by standing with one foot in the handle of the expander. Now grip the other end with

you hand, with the palm facing you leg. Then bend you body sideways down towards

the floor with the other side. Down and back up is one repetition. Do this exercise with

both sides, fifteen to twenty times and two sets. This exercise is for you waist, it works

the love handle area.



( Biceps Curls )



While, standing put one foot into the handle of the expander. Now grip the other end

of the expander with the same side that you have you foot. With you palm facing up

raise you arm all the way up, and then all the way down. Do this exercise fifteen to

twenty times, doing two sets, with each arm. This exercise will strengthen and build

you biceps.



( Reverse Curls )



Stand in the same position as you do doing the bicep curls. Then reverse you hand

position, with the palm facing down. Then raise all the way up and then back down.

Repeat this exercise with both arms, this exercise works both the forearms and the

triceps. When, you performing all of these exercises, you, ll get better results doing

them slowly. As you progress and get stronger you should gradually increase you

repetitions, and also the amount of sets.






The chest expander exercise equipment is very in – expensive. It will increase you

strength and muscle mass. You can work out with it anywhere : at home, hotel.park,

or even at work. I recommend anyone that is searching for a workout program, you

must try this expander for yourself. You can start a workout program, in as little as

thirty minutes a day three times a week.



This form of exercise has been around since the eighteen hundreds. It will increase

both you strength, and flexibility. As always if you have a pre– existing health condition

I suggest you consult with you doctor, before beginning any exercise program. I have

personally used this type of equipment. If you,ve never tried this type of exercising I

highly recommend that you try it for yourself. Feel free to comment on the product

and of you liked it or not.

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