Fitness is very important even as we age and become older. Many men and women become less physically active as we get older.

We should exercise regularly to stay healthy, and to live a better quality of life.


Regular exercise can reduce our risk of heart disease, and can help us to build muscle mass.

There are many forms of exercise available in local health clubs, and gyms.

Before starting a new exercise program we should look at some choices that are found locally, that are covenant to our location.






Zumba is a fitness program that was started in Colombia in the nineties.


It involves dance moves, and aerobic moves combined. Many zumba classes are high intensity, and are targeted for younger adults.


Zumba classes offered for seniors, still have many energetic moves, but at a lower intensity level.


Zumba will improve your balance, and coordination, and will also build and tone your muscles.









There are many types of yoga, they all are great for improving our health.

One form focuses on deep breathing and mediation. Aerobics can be a focused

type of yoga, that offers great cardiovascular benefits. You should talk to a local

yoga instructor, to decide which type is best for your fitness goals.


Another type of yoga focuses on stretching your body, and muscles in various

positions. Yoga can help you to become more flexible, and it can improve your

balance. It also is great for strengthening and building your muscles.






Cross fit training involves strength training and aerobic exercises, it is great for

older adults, because it can be low impact movements. It will improve your

balance, flexibility, and can strengthen your muscles. If you talk to a personal

trainer, they can design a workout routine, to help you achieve your goals.

Cross fit also involves muscle patterns, that can improve your everyday









Water aerobics is very low impact on your joints, and will improve your muscular

strength. Your flexibility and balance will improve, and it can decrease stiffness,

in joints and muscles. Some classes even have dancing, and use props like

kickboards in the workout.









Starting a continuing exercise program can be extremely difficult, starting something

new can be a challenge. To achieve better physical fitness, we must have the desire

to stick with a new regiment. To exercise regularly it takes both a physical and

mental commitment. You must start a new habit, despite the discomfort that may




You must ask yourself how will this improve my quality of life in the future. If you

have a health related issue, imagine your life without this distraction. Exercising

takes self-control, and the desire to improve your overall health. In time, you, ll

experience more energy, and a better quality of life.




Your stamina will improve, you, ll even be able to lose a few extra unwanted

pounds. One of the best decisions you can make is to start some type of

exercise program. You can start off slowly, but stick with whatever routine

that you, ve chosen.



You should pick something that you think you, ll enjoy, chances are you will

stick with it if it, s enjoyable. After starting a new program keep a record of

your process, even if it, s small this will give you motivation to continue. The

extra incentive when your making progress, will keep you on the right track.







Joining a sports team is a great idea for anyone that happens to be fifty or

older. It gives you a chance to socialize with others, and will give you a new

sense of purpose. Water volleyball, or water polo, will improve your muscle

strength, it improves your heart health, and can also boost your confidence.




You may want to try playing tennis, or badminton. It will improve your hand

eye coordination, can improve your balance, and also your agility. Bowling

can also be a great form of getting exercise. You can enjoy the social aspect,

and it can improve your strength. This is also a great way to meet others

many bowling leagues, have senior bowling leagues.



Playing basketball, cycling, or playing golf, are also great forms of exercise.

Playing ping pong, volleyball, and softball are all great sports that can

improve your physical condition.









Unfortunately  as we age our bodies begin to deteriorate. We must continue to

exercise, or do activities that will keep us physically fit. As we age are bones

become more brittle, and we normally lose muscle mass. Our bodies also

heel much slower not fast as when we were younger. Regular sports and

exercise, can slow down many of the effects of aging.




We should intentionally do something ever day to keep our bodies healthy.

You can walk or jog, or even walk up and down stairs. We need to make

whatever form of exercising that we do interesting. You could walk or run

on a treadmill, do yoga, perhaps dancing, it, s alright to mix up your

exercise routines.




If you become bored then your less likely to continue with your exercise

regiment. Working out with friends is a wonderful idea, you can keep

each other accountable, and also encourage each other for success.



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Older adults can work out with weights, it increases our strength, and will help

us to become healthier. Some people due to excess weight have blood

pressure problems as they age. You can build stamina, by doing endurance

exercises, or activities. Exercising regularly can lower your blood pressure,

and it improves your whole bodies circulation. As you build your strength

be sure to workout all of your muscle groups.






We all should work on improving our balance as were getting older. Falling is

a very serious issue for many senior adults. Due to our bodies healing becoming

much slower, we need to work on our balance. The aging process causes us

to lose strength, and muscle mass in our older years.

Balancing our weight on one leg, while raising the other will actually improve

our balance. Walking heel to toe in a straight line is also a great exercise to

improve our balance.




Doing the plank exercise will strengthen our stomach, and core muscles. Get

on the floor in the same position as doing push-ups. Put your forearms on the

floor or mat, leaning on the side of them. Make sure your body is straight and

hold this position for as long as you can, say thirty seconds. Now repeat this

procedure several times. Try to increase your time limit each week, for the

best results.








Lay on the floor or mat on your back, put your arms on the floor beside you.

Move your feet upwards till they, re in a ninety degree angle. Now raise

your bottom off of the floor and up towards the ceiling. You must keep

your body straight when performing this exercise.




Do this exercise several times at least fifteen to twenty. All the way up

and then back down is one repetition. Gradually increase the amount

of times that you do the exercise, say every month.








You start this exercise in a standing position, with your legs shoulder width

apart. Now lower your body towards the floor, stop when your legs are in

a ninety degree angle. Then raise back up to the standing position, now

repeat the process. Fifteen to twenty times is sufficient when your just








Getting outside and enjoying nature is a great way to exercise. There are many

health benefits of walking outdoors. Walking can prevent heart issues, such as

high blood pressure. It will strengthen your muscles, and bones, it can also

improve your balance and coordination. Walking can also reduce pain from

arthritis, and it can help you to lose weight.








All aspects of our health should be a priority, their are many benefits of living a

healthy lifestyle. Social isolation can damage our mental health, even decision

making. Socializing in all forms is vital for our mental health. Whether it, s with

friends, family, church, or other groups.



We are designed to need social integration to be fulfilled mentally. Having a pet

helps to relieve boredom, and it reduces blood pressure, and depression. Dogs

are usually harder to care for, but many get great exercise walking their dogs

several times daily.






Lack of sleep can shorten your life span, our bodies must have sufficient rest to be

healthy. It will also cause weight gain, and can cause you to become more forgetful.

You will get sick more frequently, when your not getting proper rest. The best way

to get good sleep is to be on a regular sleep pattern. Go to bed and get up at the

same time every day. A void drinks with caffeine late at night. Turn off all devices a

hour before bedtime ; Cellphones, laptops, television.






As we get older getting the proper nutrition is very important. We need fruits,

vegetables, lean meats, and whole grain foods daily. Eating a healthy nutritious

diet is important for energy, and to keep us mentally healthy. Fit bodies will

improve the quality of our lives, and help us to live a longer lifespan.







Exercise along with a good healthy diet, will improve our physical fitness. Working out

regularly will keep us from getting sick as often, and give us a much better quality of

life. It is still possible to build strength, and build muscle in our fifties. We can lower our

blood pressure, and even help heel some previous injuries.



Alcohol can damage our liver, pancreas, and our hearts. Smoking also effects many aspects

of our health. It will cause heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, and also cancer. It also

constricts our blood flow throughout your entire body. It will affect your sleep, and your





I would highly recommend for anyone that wishes to improve their health, to start some

type of exercise program. If your looking for some types of exercise equipment, feel free

to look at some other posts, that are available. If you wish to express your thoughts

or concerns pertaining to health, then I encourage you to leave comments below. I will be

glad to reply to anyone about fitness.

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  1. Jesse Lee

    Great post!
    I have always been active and really enjoy pushing myself physically.
    You give so many exercise options and explain in detail why it is important to exercise consistently.
    I have heard that Aqua Zumba can be very fun, easy to build strength and is a low impact exercise. It is a low impact exercise that mostly occurs in the pool and can be ideal for almost anyone looking to get in better shape.
    I agree that nutrition and sleep are very important for staying healthy and having more energy. I try to take naps whenever I can in order to catch up on sleep.
    Thanks for sharing this information!

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. I have been exercising and doing fitness workouts most of my life.
      There are many low impact exercises that someone with limited mobility can do to get healthier. It takes
      time have been building my site for a little over a year now.


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