Health trends are information and types of medicine that improve the quality

of your health. Health related discoveries are changing as our technology

advances. Being healthy and living this lifestyle is becoming increasingly







Marijuana is being legalized in many areas of the country. The cbd oil is extracted

from the cannabis plant, but it does, nt have the the substance that produces the high

like smoking it does. It is being used medically for anxiety, re leaving pain, it reduces

inflammation, and decreases insomnia.



Much more clinical studies are needed to confirm if it, s actually effective. This oil is

widely available, mostly safe, but it is, nt really regulated. There is still much research

needed to be sure of its effect on our health.






Meditation is a method for reducing stress, it has been practiced for thousands of years.

Almost anyone can practice meditation. Its benefits are it reduces anxiety, and depression,

helps relieve pain, increases our focus, and can help for improved sleep. It does, nt have

any negative side effects, and can be done by people of all ages.





There are many companies that have made it possible for you to mail in your saliva. You

can get an analysis of your ancestors. This type of test can also be used to check hormone

levels, stomach health, food allergies, and your heart health. These test are in – expensive

and can measure many aspects of your health.



Of course many procedures and other types of test will still have to be done by going to

see the doctor. Many test require sophisticated and complex machines. Some of this

testing would be great for anyone with limited mobility.







During this past year alone their has been a four hundred and seventy percent increase

on searches, for nutrition, and diet plans. Mindful eating is the process of eating foods,

that gives your body the nourishment that it needs.



Using mindful eating promotes good eating habits, and helps people that struggle

with emotional, or binge eating. Some people use eating as a way to cope with

stress. We must find another way to cope with our daily stress.




Woman with perfect body in bikini over blue sea background



Alcohol – free drinks have increased by almost seven hundred and fifty percent.

Many people are now deciding on a sober life – style. Using alcohol can effect

exercise, weight, and also your sleep. Many women are now choosing no alcohol

to help improve their health.



Drinking alcohol in excess will eventually affect your health. It can cause major

damage to your heart, pancreas, and also your liver. It can also alter your cognitive

ability. Drinking and driving is illegal as we all know, but it causes literary thousands

of deaths yearly in our country.







Many people are now cutting back phone use, and social media use, for a certain

period daily. There are now apps available to track your phone, and social media

use. Some are choosing to shut down social media and phones while on vacation,

or holidays.



Social media really can be sort of addicting, many people spend hours daily

on these two devices. The technology is great, and very covenant, but it, s

really easy to abuse. We all need personal time without electronic devices.

We need inter action with our families and friends.







Almond milk has been very popular for years. Now oat milk is available its a dairy

free alternative. Oat milk is gluten free, some are using it for specific diets, or

food allergies, like being lactose intolerant. If, have, nt tried this milk substitute

then maybe you should.






Working out from home is becoming very popular. To have the convenience of getting

healthier in the comfort of your own home. There are many types of exercise equipment

for designed for home use. Many find it more difficult to go to a gym, and some don,t

like being around crowds.




It,s definitely harder getting workout clothes, towels, bathing supplies, ready several days

a week to go workout. When, your working out at home you can choose the best time that

fits your personal schedule. You could workout before work, or wait until you get home

from work.



Here are a few examples of choices for a home gym : exercise bikes, rowing machines,

free style weights, kettle balls, treadmills, or maybe an elliptical machine. If, have the

resources you can easily turn a room at home into your own gym.






You can now purchase a wearable device that tracks your sleep. This is one health

concern that, s becoming a big business. Lack of sleep can cause many physical

health issues, and mental issues also.



Some of your up scale gyms are now hiring sleep coaches, to help members that

have sleep issues. Working out three to four days a week will improve your bodies

health, and will improve your sleep. Exercising regularly will make your body tired

this will help you to rest much better than usual.






Many years ago in our grandparents early life it was common for doctors to make house

calls, especially in rural areas. There were, nt many doctors, some small towns did,nt

have any. So the doctors would have to see families and treat the patients in their own




This next year you, ll see an increase in doctors, and health practitioners doing video

conferences on line. You, ll be able to consult with a physician, and receive a prescription

in under ten minutes. I, m sure they, ll have many ways to accept payments for their




This will be easier for many perhaps their condition is embarrassing. Also, patients with

limited mobility could benefit from this service. Surely many issues will still require

you to go see the doctor. Some test and procedures can, t be done from the computer.






Instead of mindless snacking you, ll see more looking for healthier alternatives. There

will be more snacks in the produce, and dairy section of the super- markets. You will

have refrigerated protein bars, probiotic bars, smoothies, and yogurt. There will be

more whole food and preservative free snacks.






The value of water will increase this upcoming year. People are realizing that drinking

water is often contaminated, with pharmaceutical drugs, and industrial contaminates.

Water testing kits, and purification systems will become a common practice. Measuring,

and monitoring water quality for personal use and even companies will soon become a

regular norm.







Young consumers are now focusing on their health and wellness. On social media

tends to pressure them in the wellness culture. Goggle has wellness apps that can

scan ingredient labels, and track your sleep patterns. They also offer products for

stress relief, and also have skin care routines.



A recent survey stated that eighteen to thirty-six year old consumers spent around

One hundred and fifty billion dollars yearly on : healthy eating, fitness, and skin







Consumers are taking control of their health care than ever before. There will soon be

more digital health tracking apps than ever before. The estimated the number of health

related devices this next year, will be twenty to thirty billion. Health care organizations

will have more choices available for all consumers.



These digital health care tools are expected to increase dramatically. Most patients

using this technology have reported better health, and are more likely to achieve

there goals.






The health, fitness, and wellness industries are making some great advances. I hope

that you find some of this information enlightening. I, m proud to be a small part of this

fitness industry. This is my passion, and something that i personally enjoy.



Please feel free to leave your comments. Living a healthy life style will improve your

well being, it will increase your energy level, and will also help to boost your imune

system. There are many new and exciting developments in the fitness world. If your

health and fitness is important to you, then feel free to check out some of my other





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