While doing strength and endurance training you should always do strength training

first. Your quality of training will be much better cause you want be tired from doing

the endurance training. If, you do endurance training first you will have less strength,

and muscle mass. You will have improved results if you do strength training in the

morning and endurance training in the afternoon.



The suggested time between doing these two types of training is eight hours. You

can do aerobic exercises like cycling, before strength training. If, choose to train

twice daily I suggest doing endurance training in the morning.When, possible train

different muscle groups when you’re combining both forms of training. You could chose

to workout the upper body in the morning and the lower in the evening.






Strength training is doing exercises that will increase both you strength and muscle mass.

Doing fewer repetitions with heavier weights, will increase you strength as well as building

you muscles. Doing high repetitions with lightweight will increase you endurance and

also tone you muscles. When you training for strength you increasing the amount of

weight that you lifting this makes you stronger and gives you bigger muscles.



Your muscular endurance is how many times can you lift a specific amount of weight

without getting tired. You should always do warm up exercises before starting you

training program, fifteen to twenty minutes is sufficient. Do bending and stretching

exercises to help relax you muscles before you regular workout.



If you doing strength training do a lot of compound exercises these are exercises that

use many muscle groups at the same time. Here are a few compound exercises:

bench press, squats, dead lifts, bent over rows, leg presses, and crunches. Foam rollers

are a great way to warm up before our workout.



When, doing strength training try to increase the weight that you lifting every two weeks.

Not by a huge amount maybe five pounds at a time. You should keep an ongoing record

of the weight that you lifting on what exercises, and in what order are you performing

each exercise. Also, keep tack of the number of sets and repetitions on every exercise.



If you looking for a twelve-week workout schedule try: www.. Muscle and fitness. Com

they have many workout programs and routines to chose from. Strength training has

become the new routine for improving you fitness, and performance. Sports

athletes are adding strength training programs, to help prevent injuries.






Hypertrophy is a type of training for building strength. It involves lifting lighter weight.

You perform each exercise lifting as slow as possible when doing each repetition.

This type of training will build you muscles. But you want develop the muscle mass

as you can when you lifting heavier weights.






You can build some muscle doing endurance training. But you overall results will be

much less than if you were doing strength training. Many professional athletes will

not do endurance training, they prefer to strengthen, and build their muscles. Recreational

athletes can benefit greatly by doing endurance training.



This type of training improves you lung and heart functions, and will improve you stamina.

Endurance training strengthens you muscles, it improves you supply of nutrients, and

increases you bodies ability to recover. To prevent losing muscle mass, don, t do endurance

training more than twenty minutes at a time, and no more than three times a week.



Anytime you do endurance training longer you inhibit you muscles growth. Some

endurance programs have little or no benefit for your performance. Doing cross

fit training can actually build both strength, and endurance at the same time.

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Ladies you can train for both strength and endurance combined. Doing so properly

will improve you athletic performance, and also give you a nice looking physique.

To boost you stamina for muscular endurance, limit you time between sets to

thirty to ninety seconds. Doing this type of exercise program, will improve you

balance, increase you memory, and give you more energy.




To improve you endurance workout with light weights, doing high repetitions. For

improving you strength do the opposite, use heavier weight with low repetitions.

For improving you strength do five to six repetitions when you lifting the heavier




Doing a regular strength training program will increase lean body mass. Your body will

burn calories faster, which will help you to lose weight if this is you goal. Many types of

strength training can improve you balance. When you perform aerobic exercises it

increases you breathing and heart rate like: jogging, walking, biking, and swimming.

Both running and jogging improves you endurance. Five exercises that will improve

you endurance are: plank, body weight squats, push-ups, and sit ups.






A strength training program should be two to three times a week. Most women have the

best results alternating between varied total body workouts three days a week. Some

strength training exercises are: front squat, lunges, curl, upright row, alternating row,

and triceps kick.



Strength training can be done from home. For better results try mixing strength training

exercises, with body weight exercises. I would suggest when first starting out try two

days a week for a few weeks, then go to three days a week. Always get you muscles

ready before exercising. You can try using a foam roller, or stretching.



Be sure to incorporate both upper and lower body exercises. Would, suggest doing

ten to fifteen repetitions, three sets of each exercise. Every two to three weeks you

should try to increase you repetitions, say by two to five. There are many great

websites that have training programs, some weekly and even longer.



These two sites could be very helpful for prepared workout schedules: www.. shape

for fitness workouts. And for strength training: www.. Info . Com / web



For the beginning of you strength training program I would start off with body weight

exercises at first. Then later add free style weights or barbells.When, you can perform

fifteen repetitions with ease, then raise that number by five, then continue the process.

If you goal is to lose weight I would focus on adding some form of cardio exercise.




Cardio will burn calories faster than strength training. To build muscle mass and strength

do strength training. If, want to tone you muscles and build stamina, then endurance

training will accomplish both of these.






Both strength training and endurance training can help you to get physically fit. Strength

training is better for building muscle mass. Endurance training will increase you over all

stamina, and increase you metabolism and energy. There are many exercises

that will increase you strength using you own body weight.



Many athletes and sports enthusiast can benefit from starting a regular strength training

program. Which, you chose I hope you achieve the results that you desire. Let me

know if this post has helped you on you journey of getting physically fit.



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